Worst Digital Cameras                                                              Updated on 20 April 2012


According to different characteristics from inside all digital cameras


Canon A70

Blurred photos, unusual colors and an E18 Error.

Seal Life SC500

The worst underwater camera. The picture quality is poor, it has a 5x Megapixels resolution and 3x optical zoom. However, many costumers had some problems with the flash that stopped working underwater and the photos resulted were washed out and the camera frequently locking up.

Kodak EasyShare One

Interface is disrupted and plaguing hardware problems

Polaroid PDC-5080

In general, a camera is not good.

Pentax Optio E10

It seemed to saw the 6.1 megapixels looked more like 2 megapixels. One user says that "Optio" is really an acronym for "Oh, please turn it off!"

Fujifilm S1800

The worst superzoom camera. It has a low price and big zoom lens (18x), the image quality is not very good and the photos can be blurry.






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